Whenever a bad part is shipped to a customer there is a whole series of events that cost money, down time, and customer dissatisfaction. What is peace of mind worth? Knowing that your customer has just received parts that were 100% inspected builds confidence in you as a supplier.

Satisfied customers buy more goods and cost less to maintain. The price of finding a new customer is extremely costly in time and money. Customers rarely call you when your parts are acceptable.

QS Examiner™ inspects parts for the smallest of defects. Parts that are less than 3 inches on a side can be fed through a feeding system into a separator mechanism at a rate of between 1 and 4 parts per second. Up to 4 high-resolution cameras capture images to provide inspection of the parts from different angles. The system will automatically sort the parts into “Good” and “Bad” locations. QS Examiner™ can be configured to sort for multiple defect types.

  • Line worker identifies a problem with the Production Engineer
  • QC determines it is a vendor supply problem
  • Vendor is notified of Customer’s problems
  • Parts are shipped back to vendor for sorting and evaluation
  • Corrective Action Requests are initiated
  • Process Engineer initiates rigorous manual line inspections
  • Production management schedules replacement part production
  • Vendor reports corrective process changes to the Customer
  • Customer decides if the Vendor will continue without performance penalties
  • Many other activities within the Vendor’s QC, Engineering, Production Control, Manufacturing Departments and the Customers organization are put in place to prevent the next bad part from getting to the Customer!