QS Inspector™ inspects parts for the smallest of defects and is ideal for low speed/low volume production runs or applications where only a sampling of parts needs to be inspected. For fully automatic, high volume/high speed inspections see our QS Examiner™ and QualityStation™ products.

For the QS Inspector™, parts up to 6 inches square can be placed in a fixture or nest and inspected by one or more cameras. The after inspection options are fully customizable and are based on your requirements. Some typical output actions include, marking good/bad parts with a paint or marking system, holding the part and requiring operator interaction for rejection or rework, and activating an audible and visual alarm.

Like the QS Examiner™, the QS Inspector™ vision inspection machine is based on the reliable Windows Embedded 7 operating system utilizing Avalon’s QualityStation™ vision software. There is no special programming language required for implementation and all attributes are configurable in the menus of the system. Sensor and control functions are handled in the industrial computer. Part counting, failure tracking, and process limit controls are adjustable features of the QS Inspector™ product. Up stream equipment can be signaled when failure limits are reached. Job tracking, statistical reports, failure images and event logs are accessed through the ProcessRx™ documentation and reporting database and can be accessed remotely via the local LAN.