QualityStation™ is a general purpose vision system with a vast array of high-end inspection tools. Event driven, with the adaptability to incorporate multiple cameras, makes QualityStation™ the preferred vision system for most any inspection application. Whether integrated with existing material handling and control equipment for in-process inspections, or used manually for statistical sampling, QualityStation™ will streamline the manufacturing process.

Flexible I/O architecture allows for connection to nearly all existing control equipment utilizing digital I/O, Ethernet & serial data communication, and barcode readers.

Event-driven I/O is uniquely suited to short-run, JIT production methods. It permits QualityStation™ to inspect a variety of different products by simply identifying them via a unique input identifier like a barcode, Ethernet or serial data string, or digital input, automatically loading the event’s inspection criteria and executing the inspection. Event specific inspection criteria are executed and window/image resultant outputs are set with 100% traceability available by product ID. An integrated database with ProcessRx™ provides detailed SPC reports that are easily accessed and printed over the network .