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 Your business, our vision

Visiomex was established in 2014 to develop AI-based image processing solutions for the manufacturing industry. It continues to provide customer-oriented solutions in many industries since its establishment.

Our Vision

Industry 4.0 is a revolution that will fundamentally change all industries. We participate in this revolution by processing images with smart systems. All of our revolutionary products we have developed come with analytical functions integrated into any system. Our dream is to build fully automated automatic factories that make their own decisions, and we work with our existing strength for this.

Our Mission

Visiomex, which was established in 2014 to develop industrial image processing solutions, set out to realize sectoral firsts after long R&D projects. In this vision, every moment of your production is at your side with plastic injection mold protection products and quality control products that are not affected by ambient light for the first time in the industry.