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Our Team

He is graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Business Information Management. He is also graduated from the Hacettepe University Finance department with a master’s degree.

He is continuing his master’s degree at Hacettepe University in Information and Technology Law. He is one of the founding partners of Visiomex. He is currently working in the position of CSO. His interests include camping, extreme sports, rowing, tennis, and sports such as football.

He was born on December 8, 1991, in Yozgat. He is graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering in 2013, and worked in different roles in different sectors between 2012-2020. He joined the Visiomex team in March 2020 as CTO.

I graduated from Industrial Engineering department in 2009. I have 11 years of experience in the white goods and automotive industry. I worked in quality, production, sales and project departments. I believe this family will develop technologies that will shape the future.

He is graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. He is continuing his master’s degree in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bogazici University. He continues his studies on Computer Vision and Deep Learning. He continues his career as an R&D Engineer in the Visiomex team. His personal hobbies include sailing and ship modeling.

In 2020, he graduated from Kocaeli University Computer Engineering Department. He joined the Visiomex team in July 2020 as Computer Vision Engineering Intern and is currently working as a Computer Vision Engineer.

He was born in 1997, in Istanbul. He completed his primary, secondary, and high school education in Istanbul. In 2015, he graduated from Pendik Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, Industrial Automation Technologies department. In 2016, he started to study at Sakarya University Mechatronics Engineering Department. His professional interests include embedded systems, engineering software, control, and automation technologies.

She was born on May 14th, 1998 in Vlorë, Albania. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering Department.  Joined Visiomex as Computer Vision Intern in November 2020. Personal hobbies include cognitive sciences and cinema.

He was born in Bursa in 1998. He completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa. In 2016, he won his childhood dream department and university (YTU – Computer Engineering). His professional interests include deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies. He has a deep connection with python as a programming language. He is also interested in fitness and football.

She was born in Ordu on November 19, 1998. She is a Computer Engineering student in Yildiz Technical University. Her professional interests include deep learning, image processing and data mining. In addition to these, she is interested in Psychology. Her personal hobbies are camping, skiing and cycling. 

He is a student of Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University NCC. He has joined the Visiomex team in July 2020 as Machine Vision Engineering Intern. He is currently working as a Machine Vision Engineer. His interests include tennis, football, extreme sports, and camping.

He was born in Istanbul in 1999.He Graduated from Maltepe Fen High School in 2017.Currently he is an engineering student with a Mechatronics in Sakarya University. He joined the Visiomex team as Intern in March 2021. His interests include cycling, football, basketball and music.

He is a passionate mechatronics engineer who loves to work on robotic systems’ modeling, robotic control, and kinematic / inverse kinematic applications. He graduated from Mechatronics  Engineering Department in Bahcesehir University. Besides his technical background, from fine arts perspective, he is interested in illustrations, guitar, drums. He also likes cycling and snowboarding.

He was born in April 2000 in Istanbul. He completed his primary, secondary, and high school education in Istanbul. He is currently a senior student at Ankara University Computer Engineering Department. He joined the Visiomex team in June 2021. His professional interests include machine learning and computer vision. His hobbies are football, tennis, and aviation.

She was born in Istanbul in 1999. She is a student of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Development University. In June 2021, she joined the Visiomex team as Intern. Her professional interests include business analytics and Industry 4.0 technologies. Her interests include traveling, reading books, and playing volleyball.

He was born in 1999 in Mersin. He is a student at the Department of Computer Engineering in Selçuk University. His professional interests include AI, Computer Vision. Personal hobbies are photography, philosophy and chess.

He is a deep learning enthusiast and interested in data-driven control with machine learning. He is currently studying at Yıldız Technical University Computer Engineering Department. He has joined the Visiomex team in August 2021 as Computer Vision Engineering Intern. His hobbies are jogging, fitness and everything about computer sciences.

He was born on İstanbul. He graduated from Yüksel İlhan Fen High School at 2018. He is sophomore now in Yıldız Technical University and He is doing his intern as software engineer in Visiomex. He interesting in new tech in industry and lovely passion about information engineering tools. He love use open source techs, micro services and designing apis.