Scratch, poor print, and defected print are the main problems in the production of the front panel of washing and dishwashing machines. Such problems lead to extra repair costs, rejection costs, and return costs for suppliers. Furthermore, these problems damage the reputation and brand image of the company.

InspectorPrint is a real-time AI-based intelligent machine vision system that can detect even the smallest defects and surface anomalies. It conducts following inspections:

  • Text Quality Inspection
  • Graphic Presence and Position Inspection
  • Graphic Quality Inspection
  • Surface Scratch Control
  • Surface Color Inspection
  • Stain Control

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey solution, direct integration to the shop floor.
  • 100% print, surface and color inspection 
  • Superior performance independent of background color
  • Stable Inspection performance for multiple production lines
  • User-friendly interface, no machine vision or programming knowledge required!
  • Live anayltics dashboard on cloud ,for monitoring production and system use.
  • Automatic reporting via dashboard, email and/or SMS.
  • Intuitive UI enabling to introduce new models to inspect.
turkish NOK

InspectorPrint performs on any background, and provides stable inspection for any language including Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, etc.

Featured Properties

Even if it is exposed to direct sunlight or light changes in different forms, it is not affected and continues its work with high precision.

InspectorPrint is an intelligent machine vision system developed for automatic visual inspection.