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Plastic Injection Mold Protection System

High Level Machine Vision Mold Protection 

MoldGuardian does the mold protection work in injection molding machines. In the process consisting of two stages, quality control is performed on the manufactured part first. After the manufactured part is taken from the mold, the pushing arms and core pins on the mold surface are checked. If the injection machine is stopped in case of any unexpected situation, and the mold is prevented from being damaged.

Solve Issues Before They Occur

With each cycle, mold presses run a high risk of experiencing extreme damage due to molded parts or slides sticking. Standard mold protection options only detect the problem as it occurs. Vision mold protection prevents the problem before it occurs. Avalon patented MoldGuardian system will alert operators and stop the press before any hazardous force can be put on the mold using non-contact vision technology. This prevents severe mold damage in addition to the related down-time, which can often be more expensive and troubling than the mold damage itself.

MoldGuardian can be installed on horizontal and vertical shuttle or rotary injection molding machines and die-casting machines. It also works on Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Processes.

In the case of a horizontal press, MoldGuardian automatically inspects for inserts or quality of the part while in the mold and the empty cavity, cores and slides after the part is ejected. This insures that no stray parts are left behind to damage the mold during the next cycle.

While on a vertical press, it ensures that all inserts are properly placed prior to permitting the table to index and the mold to close. The system will also detect miscellaneous items that may have been left on the lower mold half. After ejection, the system checks to ensure all parts have left the upper mold half.

Easy Setup

Injection molding machines run the risk of mold breakage in each cycle. The pusher arm, core pin cause this, and the manufactured part’s sticking to the mold surface. MoldGuardian performs mold surface control with image processing software using industrial cameras. It is not affected by the light variations in the factory environment with the patented NIR lighting it uses.

MoldGuardian is suitable for horizontal and vertical injection molds. It also works smoothly on metal injection molds. The manufactured product repeats the quality control and mold protection stages in every cycle. Image processing software checks the produced part, such as width, length, diameter, position, presence, and absence. In the second stage, the machine vision controls the mold surface. It checks whether mechanical moving parts such as ejector pins and core pins in the injection mold are fully retracted. MoldGuardian communicates with the robot. The defective product can be directed directly to the rejection box without going to the production line. It can also communicate with other automation systems. MoldGuardian solves your injection mold breakage problems from the root.

  • With a user-friendly interface, set up the mold in as little as 5-10 minutes.
  • Archive all your mold control files and double-click them for each mold change.
  • Touch screen for the use of image processing software.
  • Re-teach injection mold model with one touch.
  • In each cycle, first the quality control of the part and then the mold is controlled.
  • Multiple industrial camera support.
  • It communicates with all injection machines.
  • SPI Euromap 67 and Euromap 12 connection interfaces that eliminate wiring.

It is easy and quick to create a new pattern protection file. It can be created in a few minutes, or the existing mold protection file is selected, and the injection mold is taught quickly with the “Teach” option.

Advantages of MoldGuardian


Our touch screen controller provides easy-to-use control tools and makes the job easy to get done.


Visiomex is just a phone call away to assist you with your questions about applications.


 Your business, our vision


There is a customizable toolbar in the user interface with the application that can be changed according to your criteria.


Our proven record of reliability means you can be confident that your mold is protected.

1st Stage

Mold opens.

A photograph is taken, and basic quality control of the manufactured part is performed.

2nd Stage

The part is taken out.

It is waited that the part is to be taken out.

3rd Stage

The mold surface is controlled.

A photograph is taken and the position and location of the moving parts on the mold such as core pin, propelling and provisions for a journey are controlled.