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SmartDesk has been designed to perform the quality control processes of all parts produced in the industry without the need for any external equipment.

The piece left on the smart control table is checked within milliseconds in terms of criteria such as incomplete printing, absence of presence, geometric measurements, color control.

Poka-Yoke equipment currently used requires closed boxes and areas without light transmittance in order to produce accurate quality control results.


On the contrary, the Smart Quality Control Desk can operate in direct sunlight without the need for closed box environments. Thanks to the special lighting used, it performs 100% quality control in all shifts without the need for extra calibration.

The Smart Table, unique in the industry, allows multiple different models to be inspected at the same quality control desk. Thus, it is not necessary to produce different quality control equipment for each part.

Featured Features

With the database working with machine vision algorithms, micron-level errors are captured.