Defense Industry

We apply our expertise on our image processing solutions and Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning algorithms in challenging machine vision applications in the Defense Industry.

The Defense Industry is a demanding industry with high quality expectations and a wide variety of components. For this reason, image processing solutions systems to be used in the defense sector must be flawless, fast and robust, capable of operating 24/7. In addition, the main areas in which artificial vision affects the defense industry are autonomous land vehicles, fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite data, targeting systems, internal security, and weapon production.

Inspection of components in the Defense industry with our image processing experience; We realize our image processing applications and applications with precise, reliable and quality solutions.

Our Application Areas

  • Deformation inspection
  • ID, barcode and data matrix code reading
  • Calibration and measuring
  • Character and pattern recognition
  • Assembly inspection
  • Surface quality inspection
  • Edge, corner, groove, roundness, smoothness inspection
  • Contour and clearance inspection
  • Defective component detection
  • Print and text quality control
  • Colour matching & verification
  • Glass/window inspection
  • Label reading and checking
  • Bent pin/connector inspection
  • Stamping parts, solar photovoltaic, and other surface quality defects detection

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