Teknogirişim GSYF starts 2020 with two new investments

Visiomex, which manufactures artificial vision-based quality control products and Oo-Kuma, which produces 3D printers and consumables, has received investments from the Teknogirişim Venture Capital Investment Fund (GSYF), managed by KT Portföy.

Institutional investment funds are moving along swiftly as of the start of 2020. Banks and Holdings stand out in terms of investment and it is said that Sabancı Holding and Eczacıbaşı are about to make statements regarding the Corporate Venture Capital funds.

Serving the establishment and management of investment funds as a 100% subsidiary of Kuveyt Türk, one of the participation financing institutions of Turkey, KT Portfolio Management continues to invest in technology-oriented ventures with the GSYF, which was established to invest in technology-oriented companies in the early stage.

In this context, Teknogirişim GSYF invested in Visiomex, which manufactures artificial vision-based quality control products, and Oo-Kuma startups that produce 3D printers and consumables. An investment contract was signed between the companies at the ceremony, which was held with the participation of KT Portföy officials as well as Visiomex and Oo-Kuma entrepreneurs.

Global market is the target

Visiomex, one of the first ventures of Teknogirişim GSYF’s ongoing investments in 2020, develops artificial vision-based quality control products, which are the subtitles of artificial intelligence (AI) science for the manufacturing industry.

Visiomex’s management team includes Hüseyin Alemdar, Adem Alemdar and Kağan Tonyukuk Fikri. Visiomex has products that produce high-precision controls such as visual controls, asset-absence control, geometric measurements, color separation and positioning of parts produced by the main industry and sub-industry, especially in the automotive and white goods market.

Furthermore, Visiomex, thanks to various products, including smart desks, smart kiosks, plastic injection mold protection systems and screen-printing controls, appeals to both local and global markets to serve a range of uses. Visiomex will use the investment from Teknogirişim GSYF to increase its product range and open up to new markets.

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